Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stress Reduction: The dynamic balance of yin and yang

To rest the mind beneath the navel is to condense your spirit,
To direct the qi to the abdomen beneath the navel is to regulate the breath,
The breath and spirit correlate with each other.
To maintain their purity and naturaless is termed not-to-neglect.
To follow their purity and naturaless is termed not-to-aid.
With stillness and relaxation, the breath is smooth, and the spirit is calm.
Let your mind dwell in emptness, and rest your spirit in silence.
Over and over, purify and purify, suddenly you feel your breath and spirit as if they did not exist, It seems that theyb lend together with the whole body.
You are then entranced by a spiritual light, and intoxicated with a sense of euphoria as if you were drunken. - from The Collected Works of Zhang San-feng.