Monday, September 14, 2015

Master Chen Bin Workshop Is Coming Soon!


2015 Workshop in San Antonio
October 30th - November 1st, 2015
Chen Bin was born in Chenjiagou, Wen County, Henan Province. He is a twentieth generation Chen family descendant and a twelfth generation blood line inheritor of Chen’s Taichi. He is state accredited First Class Martial Artist and Advanced Level Chen’s Taichi Instructor. Chen Bin began to learn taichi with his father Grand Master Chen Zhenglei at the age of five and has been training diligently under the careful guidance of his father. His taichi is authentic with high level achievements in boxing and weapons routines as well as in theories. He is the executive president and head coach of China   Chenjiagou Chen Zhenglei Taichi Club, deputy secretary of Henan Chen’s Taichi Association, guest researcher at Center for Sports Economy and Law at Qinghua University, vice-chairman of Hong Kong Chen’s Taichi Association, president and chief instructor of Zhengliu Street Branch of China   Chenjiagou Chen Zhenglei Taichi Club.
 In recent years, Chen Bin has been invited to many countries and territories to give workshops. He has been to the USA, England, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, etc.  He is also the honorary president, technical advisor of dozens of taichi organizations both in China and abroad. He takes taichi very seriously and has his unique entertaining way of teaching and treats people earnestly. 

BASIS San Antonio North
318 East Ramsey Street San Antonio Texas 78216

Friday             6 pm – 9 pm   Yang Sheng Gong, 18 Form
Saturday         9 am – 5 pm    Laojia Yi Lu (Old Frame First Routine)
Sunday           9 am – 12pm   Laojia Yi Lu (Old Frame First Routine)
Sunday           2 pm – 5 pm   Push hands

Tuition: ( Cash and Check only, Make checks payable to Chen Bin )
All 3 days:                   $290 paid before Oct 15th; $330 paid on Oct 30th
All 2 days:                   $240 paid before Oct 15th; $260 paid on Oct 30th

Half day:                     $75 
Full 1 day:                    $130

Observation only:        $50

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