Sunday, April 13, 2008

Most commonly asked questions and answers

About Teacher
Instructor Xie Ming has over 25 years Taichi teaching experience in China and United States.

What skill level is this for?
The class is designed for beginners and intermediate students, and it is for anyone who is seeking a gentle sport to regain his/her capabilities. It is to introduce someone into TaiChi's amazing power. The class addresses great deal in internal development and Qi Gong which a lot of schools in now days rarely mention.

How long can I see the result?
The key is the persistence, it takes at least 1 month to see any result, and that is non stop, practice everyday regardless if you know the complete form or just a few forms. Only relying on 4 times a week will not make you batter quick. You have to commit about 30 min at minimum each day for practicing. Most of student sees the result in 3 months program.

How long can I sign up for (one class, one month, etc?)
For first time, you can sign up just for a month to see if you like it or not, then sign up for a 3 month program, and later sign up for 6 months or 12 months program to enjoy our special discount.

How long and how often is the class?
The class is 1 hour long, and it occurs once a week.

Can I come to observe the class without sign up?
Yes, you can come to join us for free for your first visit, (you still need to pay Botanical Garden admission)

What do I wear?
Wear comfortable, loose clothing. You may practice in appropriate exercise shoes, or in bare feet, or cut-off socks (cut the toes off for grip). Please do not wear perfume, cologne or noisy jewelry.

Is TaiChi just for old or sick people?

Not at all. TaiChi is developed as a martial art, it has very soft look, but not soft result. Today most people want to learn it because of health healing power, however, the training can pave you the entrance into Internal Art which is focusing on the internal strength that ultimately generates incredible fighting power and technique.

I have done no exercise for many years, is it safe for me to do Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is one of the safest forms of exercise - it is even prescribed for heart patients in America. However, having said that, the responsibility lies upon each individual to check with his health care practitioner before engaging in any new exercise.

I have terrible coordination and balance, can I learn Taichi?
In the beginning most people struggle with the movements of the Tai Chi form - our brains have to learn again how to properly control their bodies. This is a very common phenomenon, in our modern technological society, where almost all our activity is purely mental - reintegrating body and mind through Tai Chi is one of the best ways to restore our proper human functioning.


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