Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Start your Taichi movement from here!

Internal martial arts emphasize using the mind instead of force. Moving slowly and not using rigid force will increase and strengthen the internal energy – Qi. Taichi classics say there are three stages of practice: exercise of your body, your Qi, and your mind.

At each stage of Taichi practice, the rule is to use your mind to move Qi, and use your Qi to move your body. Coordinate internal organs and external limbs in harmony, so a movement starts from inside and moves toward the outside. Focus especially on using your waist to start the movement. Aim for relaxed, calm, circular, sinking, even, and holistic movements.

You must try hard to prevent your limbs from moving by themselves. Every movement must start from foot and waist. Only in this way will you gradually get rid of rigid, non-structured force. This enables you later to truly reach 'Song' – relaxed emptiness.

1. Learn from a clear and experienced Taichi instructor.
2. Follow the rules without hesitation, and make sure you understand the details of each rule.
3. Do each movement slowly, evenly, and purposefully, walking like a cat,
4. Use your mind to lead each movement. Your mind gives the order to the limbs. You should apply only a minimum of force to maintain or move the limbs, and the limbs should not move when your waist is not moving.
5. Ask questions!

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